Monetizing Your Relationships, How Pooling Resources Can Give way to Significant Financial Equity

Being uniquely financially empowered can be a lonely place if those that we love cannot participate in the activities and initiatives that we all desire. But channelling that financial opportunity in a way where it also benefits those that you care about can actually turn out to be a lot more rewarding  and sustainable experience. At our firm, we coined the phrase Talent Pooling leverage as a strategy for gaining access to a financial opportunity that you could not get access to on your own; thereby increasing your profit margin and that of those whom you partner with; truly a win win situation. Even if you don’t have much time on your hands to go out and socialize with your friends or you are simply a loner type, you can still create a valuable network of people on social media. Just a couple of messages a day can rekindle old acquaintanceship and open a window for mutually beneficial relationship. If you want to approach more prominent twitter or facebook personalities, it might be a good idea to first hire someone like The Marketing Heaven, who will make your profiles look more respectful.

Let’s explore how you can transcend financial opportunity in a collective manner using the collective capital and skills sets of your friends.

Having   at least 2 or 3 friends that you go to social events  , trips, happy hour etc with can open the door to a great degree of economic prosperity for you all if you understand the principles of financial literacy . Our research has shown that Utilizing  your friends or family solely for socialization or emotional purposes is one of the most untapped resources of gaining financial equity in our communities  .  The size of our country can work to our benefit in this regard. We all know someone who know someone. The rate at which our relationships can impact our finances is best represented by the phenomena economist classify as   “the multiplier effect.”

Adopting this principle is particularly important for smaller jurisdictions where volume is limited. With the innate capital lending  restrictions that our post recessionary market has created ,one  the most lucrative alternative forms of gaining access to financial opportunity is through the pooling of resources. When individuals are each trying to capitalize their efforts on their own, specialization , productivity, and income suffers. Ultimately capacity trumps effort. One person cannot do it all , do it well, and do it consistently.

One of the most critical  financial  concepts known to the world of finance is  leverage. Leverage is the ability to borrow to gain access to a market share/income stream that would not have been possible had you not borrowed. As it pertains, to the pooling of resources, one would be borrowing or renting the collective talents and capital of the group. The Pulling together each and every one of your assets  effectively is one of the most cost effective strategies of applying leverage. In managing this financial construct, you would  effectively give way to  attaining the lifestyle that you and your friends aspire.

Fortune 500 Corporations do this very well and this is primarily due to their ability to access enough capital to attract the right talent and then managing that talent effectively.  Smaller business and individuals find this a lot more difficult to implement and this is largely predicated on having a limited  view on the financial strategies required to make capital work for you and not you for it. For more useful tips on how to adopt BEMS Group’s Talent Poling strategies and more, visit our website at and  set up a consultation with our Financial Advisor to get you started on your journey towards real wealth acquisition and living the life of your dreams.


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