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Leverage community enhancement, large profitability margins ,and efficiency gains from our expertise Our professionals offer Comprehensive financial and management solutions born of diversified industry experience
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Networking Applications , Websites and Business Management Software A comprehensive Online resource to meet the demands of Tourists, Locals, and Investors

Property Development,Design, & Management

Trendsetter in the development of Interior designed Real Estate with Authentic Architectural Themes

Credit Repair & Financial Planning

Kindgom Building Money Management Principles

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Deep Insights born of Diversified Industry Expertise and Cross sectoral Exposure

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Precision Technology Solutions
Administration , Human Resourcing, and Information Technology
Our Group’s structure relies on PTS Division to facilitate the human resourcing and operations functions.
Candice Lela Rolingon
Director of Public Relations & Marketing Strategy
Presently, based in the Caribbean as an award-winning Filmmaker Producer with a talent in managing budgets. I responsibly specialise in Caribbean Destination Management for Film Productions and Locations for movies, documentaries, web, television and commercial content. Candice oversees teh Group’s Media Publications for the Caribbean Region.
Shimika Rojas
Director of Finance,Accounting , & Business Process Engineering
Presently based in Bermuda, Shimika is the Co-Founder of the Bermy’slist concept. She oversees the Financial and Risk Managment functions of the Group . She also develops and manages the Group’s Property Development Projects.
Marlon Rojas
Director of Compliance & Communication Strategy
Presently based in Bermuda, Marlon is the Co-Founder of Bermy’slist and is credited with the development of the Group’s Risk and Compliance Framework. He works at HSBC as a Senior Compliance Officer (Financial Crime )and lends himself to us in the capacity as a Director on the Group’s Board.

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